There are different vinyls for different things. You don’t want to use heat transfer vinyl to make car decals.

Oracle 651- Is permanent vinyl used on car decals, wood, metal, glass, canvas, plastic, outdoor use.
Oracle 631- Is removable vinyl used for wall quotes, decals, wood, metal, glass, canvas, plastic, indoor use..
Oracle 751- Is water resistant vinyl so in addition to being used on car decals, wood, metal, glass, canvas, plastic, outdoor use

Heat transfer vinyl (htv) – used for shirt, bags, hats, etc.

The most popular brand for HTV is Siser EasyWeed. Usually, if the transfer is thick you want to peel cold and when doing multiple layers you want to do the hot peel first. Always check with your vinyl provider about heat time, pressure, and peel.  

For any project with vinyl, you need the basic supplies.

– tweezers or hook tool to weed your design
– transfer tape to transfer your design to your desire surface
– blue painters tape for those small hard to weed intricate cuts.