Eleven Twenty-Six

For this tutorial we are going to use Amandella Script from Creative Fabrica.

For Windows:

Click the DOWNLOAD button.

You should see it downloaded on the bottom left of your browser. Select the file.

It should take you to the opened folder where you will find an OTF or TTF font file. Double click to open.

You should see this window open and click Install.

For Mac:

Click the DOWNLOAD Button.

Click Downloads Tab.

Select the font, when prompt comes up click Install Font.

When done installing you will see this prompt.

On iPad:

You will need to install the iFont and Unzip Apps before you can download any font.

Click the DOWNLOAD button.

Open in “iFont”

Click “IMPORT to iFont”

Select “FILES”


Select “ALLOW” and “CLOSE” prompt.


You should see your downloaded font at the top.

Select “INSTALL” on the top right corner.

Select “INSTALL” on the top right corner.

Select “INSTALL” on prompt.

Select “DONE”.

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